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Gregg Keener

Gregg's Blogs

A Solution for Residential Clogged Sewer Pumps

By now, you may have started to hear a lot about the Pulverizer Pump, patented at Keen Pump, a pump manufacturer in Ashland Ohio. We designed and developed the Pulverizer Pump as a solution for large, commercial wastewater management. It's now available for residential purposes.
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The Safe Way to Operate a Wastewater Treatment Plant

When things that should not get into sewers get into sewers, the pumps get jammed up and clogged. Pumps intended to manage what is likely to find their way into sewers may not be able to handle the rest.
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The Need for Innovation in Wastewater Management

It is likely that wastewater has always been an issue. Perhaps as long as there have been human beings, there has been a need for better, cleaner, faster, and more efficient improvements in how wastewater is handled, treated, and managed. At Keen Pump, we stress new innovations in the creation of sump pump products and systems that can help your municipality keep up.  In order to focus on the solutions, we need to focus on the problems. 
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The History of Chopper Pumps and the Case for Evolution

Chopper Pumps serve a purpose and it is long-standing. But the world has changed and the needs for wastewater management have changed, too. This article discusses the evolution of the chopper pump, the new issues they face, and the need for new options for today's municipalities
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Some things weren't meant to be flushed. Announcing, an improvement to the Grinder Pump

Every municipality needs them, and every municipality will struggle with them. People are putting things into the sewers that aren't biodegradable and many current pumps are prepared to handle it. So, they get clogged. The Pulverizer Pump from Keen Pump is the solution.
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