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A Solution for Residential Clogged Sewer Pumps

Gregg Keener September 08, 2023

Introducing The Pulverizer for residential wastewater systems.

By now, you may have started to hear a lot about the Pulverizer Pump, patented at Keen Pump, a pump manufacturer in Ashland Ohio.  We designed and developed the Pulverizer Pump as a solution for large, commercial wastewater management. 

Things are getting into the largest sewer systems, clogging the pumps, which is creating the largest problems.  Learn more about how the Pulverizer Pump is changing the face of the pump industry for commercial organizations. 

But we quickly realized that residential sewer systems are getting clogged, too.  Faster than ever!  Why?  Because we are doing so much more in the homes now.  Health care is happening in the homes.  Businesses are being run out of the homes.  Larger residential complexes are popping up and demanding more of the entire system.

And what is happening in these sewers?  Household items that should never be flushed are getting flushed. And they are clogging the pumps.

Clogged pumps are unacceptable.  It’s dangerous.  It’s costly maintenance. And it makes a system that is meant to be helpful to residents who rely on it, a hassle not to be trusted. 

Here’s what’s clogging the pumps that were never made for such things:

  • Medical items, such as face masks, sanitary gowns, and rubber gloves. 
  • Clothing is getting flushed!  Blue Jeans and Khaki pants.  Sweatshirt and nightgowns. 
  • Non-disposable baby diapers that are meant to be thrown away in the garbage are getting flushed down residential toilets and plugging the pumps and sewers.
  • And “flushable” wipes?  Sure, they are flushable, it says it right on the package.  They will go down the toilet.  But they will also clog the pumps.  That is a fact.

Watch this video to learn more about what's getting into the sewers and what can be done about it.

So Keen Pump developed a residential version of the Pulverizer Pump.  This pump cuts and macerates the solids before they get into the pump, moving what once would clog the pump out into the sewer system where it can be processed as dirty water.

Take a look at this video for a demonstration of how the Pulverizer Pump from Keen Pump in Ashland Ohio is changing the face of sewer systems across the nation. 


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