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Upgrading the Pump in your Wastewater Management System

Gregg Keener October 19, 2023

Why changing out the old for the new may be the best doorway for you.

Nothing lasts forever.  We aren’t just talking about quality issues or product wear and tear.  Government regulations, community growth requirements, and advanced and more efficient product lines in the marketplace can spur the need to upgrade your wastewater management system.

Recently, we patented and are producing the new “Pulverizer” pump line, which is changing expectations of how a wastewater management system should work.  The Pulverizer significantly reduces clogged pump issues by macerating waste before the pump clogs. It is solving a lot of problems for our customers. 

But it won’t help you if it’s not in your system. 

That’s why you may be seeking improvements.  If you are considering upgrading your wastewater management system, here are some things you should be thinking about first:

Planning for the future
Today’s latest technology becomes “yesterday's” technology the day it is installed. There are always newer and better systems coming.  You’ll need a partner who knows what’s next.  Pump manufacturers who focus on the future know what’s available now, and what can be built to satisfy what’s next. 

Compliance and Regulations
You know to consult with civic and environmental authorities. But it also helps to discuss these needs with the wastewater management pump manufacturer.  Get the engineers and experts involved early to make it an easier process all down the line. 

Retrofit options
Maybe you don’t have to start from scratch.  A custom pump designer and manufacturer like Keen Pump in Ashland can make a better pump fit your system. This saves you money, ensures compatibility,  and can address your goals by going straight to the problem.

Consider Downtime
At Keen Pump, we manufacture our pump products right here in our Ashland Ohio manufacturing plant. And we keep a supply on the shelves for time-sensitive needs.    This makes products available fast and keeps downtime low.  Consult with your pump manufacturing team to ensure the necessary products will be available on time.

At Keen Pump, we are on the front lines of innovation to meet the changing landscape in the wastewater management world.  Improvements are being made daily to our product lines, just as you are experiencing new needs and mandates for change. 

Call us to learn more about how to upgrade your wastewater management system with the Pulverizer Pump. 

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