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Myths and misconceptions about Commercial and Residential Grinder and Chopper Pumps…and their Manufacturers

Gregg Keener May 13, 2024

How the game is changing, and how to change your mind about it

When was the last time a pony delivered the mail to your house?  Or, that telegraph in your office, does it get a lot of use? 

These are ridiculous questions, of course.  But it wasn’t so long ago that people relied on these things, and couldn’t conceive of an alternative that would change our minds.

Times change, innovation happens, and new options become apparent. But like someone who still has a typewriter at his desk, some folks hold on too long to the past.  Thoughts and ideas that were once true, may no longer be the case.  If you don’t change your mind, you can get left behind.

We are seeing the same thing play out in the commercial residential wastewater industry, as pump innovation is not just changing the way wastewater gets moved, it’s changing the entire wastewater management game. 

If you’re in the wastewater management industry, you likely have an opinion between centrifugal pumps and progressive cavity pumps.  You also likely have an opinion about your pump supplier.

It may be time to change your mind.

Here are some current thought patterns, and how you might want to think differently:

Myth #1:  Centrifugal Pumps can’t pump heavy solids without plugging.

NOT true.  Keen Pump, a commercial and residential grinder pump manufacturer in Ashland Ohio has created the Pulverizer pump and adapted it across their entire line.  The Pulverizer Pump slurries the thickest materials and has the power to pump it through without clogging or blockage. 

Myth #2:  Progressive Cavity Pumps are for precise lower flow pumping, leaving the high volume applications to centrifugal pumps.

NOT anymore.  Progressive Cavity Pumps at Keen Pump are now generating 100% more output, both in capacity and in pressure than the leading pressure cavity pump suppliers.  

Myth #3:  Progressive Cavity Pumps require a lot of maintenance

Not anymore  What usually goes bad in the progressive cavity pump is the rubber stator, which works with the the rotor.  Keen Pump has invested in a “better rubber recipe”, and it’s changing the game for longevity. 

Not to mention, the high-pressure, high-capacity pumps at Keen Pump are built with float switches instead of pressure-sensitive switches, control panels that can be easily accessed and operated, and stainless steel valves, instead of plastic.  They last longer. 

Myth #4:  Even if I change my mind, I can’t change my system

And that’s changing too!  Keen Pump’s RetroFit Program allows you to use your system’s current connections on our new pumps, lifting your old ones out and putting the new ones in. This is available to replace most pump manufacturers’ pumps, including those built by the largest pump suppliers. 

The only constant thing is change.  Things are changing in the commercial residential wastewater industry.  The changes are for the good and are going to solve a lot of problems for you, your customers, and your business.  Learn more to make sure you have the latest information and opportunities. 

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