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Tomorrow's Innovation in Today's Sewage Pumps

Gregg Keener February 29, 2024

Why you can’t ignore change in the wastewater management industry

The Industrial Revolution happened, and that changed the world.   That’s an understatement, but it’s a good place to begin if we want to talk about change.

People are living in more dense, highly populated areas than ever before.  That requires a wastewater management plan to move more waste over longer distances.  More waste means more items are getting into the sewers which shouldn’t be there, causing plugging and overworked grinder pumps.  Overworked or clogged pumps point to anticipated wear and tear and maintenance issues.

For that reason, your wastewater sewage pump manufacturer must operate on the leading edge of innovation.  Today’s pumps need to have higher productivity, less clogging, and innovative parts and replacement options that keep your wastewater management system working at peak performance.

Let’s look at each opportunity for innovation, and how Keen Pump is answering the call:

Increased Performance:
For years, the main provider of pressure cavity pumps has operated with the same pressure and capacity.  Keen Pumps has doubled it, with a new PC pump that outperforms the competition by 100%! 

Watch this video to see visual proof that it can, and has been done.

Less Clogging: 
Today’s marketplace is full of “flushable” items, marketing convenience to the consumer.  But “flushable” doesn’t mean it should be.  Most pumps can’t handle the wipes, diapers, cleaning supplies, and more. They weren’t intended to.  Keen Pump’s patented “Pulverizer” pump macerates the materials that would clog your pumps into a slurry that can be pumped out.  We’re adding that technology to many of our residential and commercial centrifugal and pressure cavity pumps.

Replacement Parts: 
If a pump goes down in your wastewater management system, or you need newer technology to meet needs and industry standards, you shouldn’t have to replace the whole system.  Keen Pump has developed a RetroFit line of pumps, able to be installed into your current system, often with just a snap and a click.  You can keep your system, and update it with today’s newest innovation and technology. 

Just because your system is part of yesterday, doesn’t mean you can’t take part in the innovation of tomorrow.  Look for ways to level up to today’s standards.  It will save you time, money, and maintenance, and will set you up for the next wave of innovation to come.

Yes, we’re already working on that wave, here at Keen Pump in Ashland.

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