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Here’s to the Pump Distributor

Gregg Keener December 08, 2023

The Behind-the-Scenes Hero in Commercial and Residential Community Wastewater Management

Wastewater Management is all about flow.  When it’s not moving, there’s a problem.

That's why the role of the Pump Distributor is so important.  The end user creates the wastewater and the pump manufacturer's sump pump products make it go away.  But in between, the pump distributor is making it all work together. 

Behind the scenes, a strong pump distributor is taking care of business, ensuring their customers never have an issue, and being there when they do.  As a pump manufacturer in Ashland, Ohio, we work with the best distributors in the business, and we see what they do to operate with excellence. 

It’s thankless work, and it never ends. 

Here’s a sneak peek at what any pump distributor has to overcome in order to be elite:

Product Selection
Otherwise known as sourcing and procurement, a pump distributor who wants to serve his customers well will distribute the right products.  There are plenty of choices, and they all claim to be the best.  A distributor must count on the chosen pump manufacturers to represent them well in the marketplace. A poor choice here is disastrous.

Product Availability
You won’t know when your customers need the product. You won’t know what they’ll need.  But they’ll be calling you and expecting a fast turnaround.  In addition to keeping stock on the shelves, a strong distributor will build strong relationships with the pump manufacturer and be able to count on that pump manufacturer to supply the product…fast.

Must be an expert
A distributor must know what the customer needs, provide guidance before and after installation, and provide troubleshooting.  But it requires more than a Google search to find the answers.  At Keen Pump, we train our distributors in our showroom on the products they buy, and we’re available with locally sourced customer service when you need support. 

Industry advancements
While a strong pump distributor is taking care of all of those things, change is happening.  New advancements are happening, like the Pulverizer Pump at Keen Pump which macerates waste to stop pumps from clogging.  Or new environmental or regulatory changes take place that you’ll need to make your customers aware of.

As you can see, one common trend of an elite pump distributor is developing and maintaining a strong relationship with the pump manufacturer. Your pump manufacturer should take this relationship seriously.  The mutual benefits of a strong pump manufacturer/pump distributor will make the end user happy, and keep the wastewater flowing. 

Keen Pump is a family-owned American-based pump manufacturing company.  We are on the front lines of new technology and advancement in the wastewater management and pump manufacturing industry, serving corporations, municipalities, and residential communities.

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