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Some things weren't meant to be flushed. Announcing, an improvement to the Grinder Pump

Gregg Keener March 21, 2023

Because things that shouldn’t get flushed…get flushed.

Every municipality needs them, and every municipality will struggle with them.  Regardless, the result is the wastewater must get transported from homes and businesses through lift stations to treatment plants.   Chopper pumps have been around for decades, but their popularity is increasing.  With so much more solids being flushed into our sewer systems, much of which is not biodegradable, the need is increasing.  

In the past solids handling pumps such as a vortex style impeller or a close type impeller would handle whatever solids got into the sewers.  They aren’t handling it as well anymore.  The increase in solid waste and the type of waste they are trying to handle is plugging up and overwhelming the system.  This is why chopper pumps are growing in popularity and solving system problems all over the country.  

What kinds of solids are we talking about?   Feminine hygiene products, wipes, and towels are just the beginning.    

Our customers also report finding things like tennis shoes, blue jeans, and bed sheets.  They are even finding Swifter Jet mops winding up in the sewers and clogging up noncutting type chopper pumps.   These are things that your ordinary grinder pumps just aren’t equipped to handle.  

Tennis shoes?  Blue Jeans?  Towels, bedding, and mops?  We aren’t kidding.  

Keen Pump saw a need to solve this problem.  That’s why we have created the newly patented Pulverizer pump.  Keen Pump is a patented manufacturer of this revolutio

nary product, and you’ll be amazed.  The Pulverizer doesn’t just grind these objects up, it shreds them, into a slurry that can more easily go through the system without clogging up 

additional piping, valves, and other parts that won’t work right and need to be cleaned out when they get clogged.  

This is an image of what blue jeans and mop parts look like with regular chopper pumps and after going through Keens Pulverizer pump.

This product will be more efficient for your wastewater process by minimizing the time spent unclogging the pump.  When your service staff isn’t spending time unclogging the pumps, you’re not risking worker injury. You’re also not dealing with downstream systems that will cause obvious problems to pump stations or line plugging toward a termination point.

Now, it seems like educating citizens not to send these kinds of things into the sewer system in the first place would not be necessary. That just proves that trying to educate them isn’t going to eradicate the problem.  If people are sending these types of non-flushable items your way, they will do so whether you try to discourage it or not.  This is another reason why the Pulverizer pump from Keen Pump should be a great consideration.  Your problem waiting to happen is less of a problem when you are prepared, with the Pulverizer Pump.

If your pump station relies on chopper pumps to keep it running smoothly, then you are aware of the issues that exist.  Now Keen Pump has a betters solution for you.  The Keen Pulverizer pump can be a game changer for your current system, or as part of any upgrades you are planning.  

For more information about the Pulverizer Pump, produced at Keen Pump in Ashland Ohio, call us today or send us an email.  We’ll be glad to talk to you some more about a plan to pulverize your pump problems!

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