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More Flow AND More Pressure from Wastewater Pump Products

Gregg Keener February 07, 2024

How State-of-the-Art innovation is producing 100% performance gains to pump more waste over longer distances.

Sewage pumps tend to be forgotten.   Set it, and forget it.  Perhaps that’s why some pump manufacturers are reluctant to change.  Others are trying to improve product offerings, watching trends that require innovation and new product specifications. Still, these advancements aren’t easily adopted in the marketplace.

The world is changing

If you are a distributor or work in wastewater management, you need to pay attention.  One such development to watch is the growing concentration of population in less developed rural regions.  Industry is moving out of the cities and into less dense areas to allow for growth and workforce.  In the wastewater industry, it points to one thing:  More people further away, means more waste and more pressure.

But “more” of both isn’t how it’s always worked.  If you wanted high capacity, you had to deal with less pressure from your waste pump.  And if you needed to pump further distance, you needed to pump less waste.

Centrifugal pumps handled large capacity and low pressure.  Progressive Cavity pumps promised longer distances, but less material.  Both are fine options and needed in today’s marketplace…we just need more out of them. 

The need for innovation

In the past, the best performing progressive cavity pumps were able to “push” the limits, hoping to move up to 15 gallons per minute, but maxing out at       LPM.  And even then, some the most trusted brands were promising more than those pumps could reliably deliver.  That’s not enough capacity, and it’s not enough pressure for today’s wastewater management purposes.

These same pumps relied on rubber mechanisms to “squeeze” the waste through.  But the rubber can’t handle the additional waste being generated today, and the pumps are breaking, and very difficult to repair.  Perhaps they are easier to replace.  Learn more about Retrofit options here: 

Today’s Pumps must do more

And they do.  Keen Pump, a wastewater pump manufacturer in Ashland Ohio is making pumps that double the capacity of pumps like the E1.  Keen Pumps progressive cavity pump alternatives are pumping wastewater at 30 gallons per minute, AND maintaining pressure.  That’s 100 percent more performance.  New innovation is doubling the efficiencies and effectiveness of the pumps being used currently in your wastewater management systems. 

That means more wastewater is moving at longer distances, and that’s going to solve a lot of problems.

As far as the rubber mechanism involved with the rotor-stator design…the Keen Pump innovation is holding up.  Why?  Because it has to.

“We’ve invested in the RNI to make sure it’s not going to fail” says Keen Pump President Gregg Keener.  “We have a better rubber recipe, that’s the plain and simple fact”.  Even the most popular progressive cavity pumps have been known to require maintenance.  You need a pump that you can count on.

And it’s not just the “rubber recipe” that makes today’s pumps more efficient.  High Pressure, High Capacity pumps at Keen Pump are

  • Built with Float switches instead of pressure sensitive switches that have severe maintenance issues.
  • Built with an easily accessible control panel that can be operated without having to disconnect and pull it out from the mechanism
  • Built with stainless steel combo valves instead of ones made of plastic, so they last longer and require less maintenance.

If you’ve ever felt like the Progressive Cavity Pump couldn’t serve your needs based on capacity issues or maintenance concerns, take another look.  Innovation in the Pump Industry, and at Keen Pump, is proving it can be done, and providing the products to make it happen. 

For more information about higher capacity and higher pressure pumps to meet todays dynamic and changing needs, call Keen Pump today. 

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