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Wastewater Management and the Constant of Change

Gregg Keener January 04, 2024

How Retrofit Products Can Bring Innovation to Old Wastewater Systems

The planning and strategizing that comes into play when installing a wastewater management system is massive, and the costs go right along with it.

But times change. And, it won’t be long until your system is out of date.  How can you stay state of the art in a constant state of change?

The answer is Retrofit, a parts replacement program offered by Keen Pump Manufacturers, helping you to stay on top of the most impactful industry innovation.

For instance, Keen Pump has developed the Pulverizer Pump, a revolutionary pump solution that macerates instead of chops waste to eliminate plugging.  This pump can be Retrofit to your specific system, so you can activate state-of-the-art services for your customers, without installing new systems to stay up to date. 

How can retrofit improve your efforts at a distributor and an end-user level?  Take advantage of these real benefits when you install what’s new, into what’s old.

Cost Savings and Minimized Downtime

This one is obvious.  You don’t want to replace everything, you just want to take advantage of innovation where it can make a difference.  Upgrade specific components, not the whole system.


Even when you change, you’ll need to change.  Finding a partner like Keen Pump which can meet your needs for up-to-date technology can keep your system on the cutting edge for many years to come. 

Environmental Impact:

Retrofit means less waste.  Let’s not fill the landfills with products that still have life. 


Upgrades enable plant operators to tailor improvements to specific needs and challenges, enhancing overall efficiency and performance.

Phased Implementation:

With retrofit parts, you can install what you must have now, and what you need to have later.  You can put the best parts of innovation to work now and do the same again as further improvements are realized.

Regulatory Compliance:

You know the government will want to do things differently.  Having a partner like Keen Pump with Retrofit functionality allows you to pivot to new challenges immediately, and ensure your system stays within the guidelines. 

Is Retrofit right for you?  It likely is.  Even if your plant is ultra-custom, Keen Pump is too.  That means there is a retrofit option ready for you, or we can create one that will fit perfectly.

Retrofit, that is!

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