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Working Together to Keep the Wastewater Flowing

Gregg Keener June 07, 2024

Creating Win/Win Partnerships Between Pump Manufacturers and Pump Distributors 

As inflation, governmental legislation and logistics continue to create unease in the economy, it is often the end user who ends up feeling the pain.

In the wastewater industry, as much as pump manufacturers and distributors struggle with inventory, pricing, and budgets, there is nothing like the pain of a subpar system that isn’t operating properly for the end user.  Maintenance issues in public wastewater systems cause issues for municipalities, homeowners, and businesses.  Inventory that is needed but not available can take systems offline, causing their own brand of headache for the end user.

This is a job for “we”!  When the Pump Manufacturer and the Pump Distributor work together in the best interest of smooth operations for everyone involved, everyone involved becomes a lot happier.  Our job should be like the wastewater itself, “out of sight, out of mind”!

Here are things we are thinking about where a strong partnership between pump manufacturers, like us here at Keen Pump, and distributors can make a huge difference for end users with wastewater systems under their management

Clear Communication Channels

Manufacturers should provide distributors with regular updates on new products, changes in specifications, and any supply chain issues. At the same time, distributors should relay customer feedback and market trends back to manufacturers.

Joint Training Programs

Training is key from the manufacturer’s side.  At Keen Pump, we offer a training program for  new distributors and regularly conduct demonstrations on updates and new product lines.  When distributors find they need help with product features, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, they should feel very comfortable asking their pump manufacturing partner.

Collaborative Marketing Efforts

Look for opportunities to increase effectiveness across the board.  Consider shared market analysis and customer insights, co-branded marketing materials that highlight both the manufacturer's quality and the distributor's local expertise, and even joint participation in trade shows or customer events. 

Efficient Supply Chain Management

Demand forecasting is crucial for pump manufacturer and the distributor.  We should work more closely on this.  Inventory planning can optimize lead times, and reduce the risk of excess or limited inventory. pump manufacturer and the distributor.  We should work more closely on this.  Inventory planning can optimize lead times, and reduce the risk of excess or limited inventory.

After-sales support

Distributors should feel comfortable counting on their Pump Manufacturer for support.  When we work together to set appropriate end-user expectations, we can work together to meet them at the distributor and manufacturer levels.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Manufacturers want to meet the needs of their customers.  Usage data and performance reviews are welcome at Keen Pump, and we are happy to provide what we can to our distributors as well.  We can even collaborate on R&D projects based on market needs and new technology.  We all get better when we work together.

Proactive Problem Solving

Perhaps most importantly, let’s work together to make our products, services, and brand work for our customers.  When we work together, we can identify and address potential issues before they ever become problems.

By working closely in these areas, pump distributors and manufacturers can create a seamless, responsive, and customer-focused partnership that enhances end-user satisfaction and loyalty.  While “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” is the goal for our products and services, keeping customers happy will keep both of our brands Top of Mind for happy customers when they do need us. 

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