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Winning the Race Against Sewer System Problems

Gregg Keener November 16, 2023

5 Hurdles to Overcome in for Success in Wastewater Management

What if life were like a Track meet? 

We’d all sign up for the Pole Vault!  “I’ll just ride my way over the bar and land softly on the other side.”

But who wants to do the Hurdles?  “You mean I’ve got to jump those things again and again and again?  Why would I want to do that???”

Wastewater Management is like the Hurdles.   The obstacles keep coming.

At Keen Pump, we’ve got our pulse on today's issues to help you be ready for any challenge.

Here are five things our customers face every day, and ways we keep improving our products to meet the challenge:

Growing Populations:

People are flocking to the cities and developing new population cells. More people will test a water management system’s limits.  Keen Pump engineers can help develop a plan to meet your growing needs.

Environmental Regulations and Climate Conditions:

Sea levels will rise, storms will come and wastewater management systems can get overwhelmed.  Regulations will keep coming.  You’ll need a pump manufacturing company who can anticipate your needs.

Technology upgrades:

New technology does you no good if your system can’t adapt to incorporate it.  New pumps, like the revolutionary “Pulverizer” pump from Keen Pump, are drastically reducing the need for maintenance for clogged pumps. And we can help retrofit them into your system.

Aging Systems:

Maintenance is a huge and expensive problem for systems built decades ago.  Downtime or malfunctions are not acceptable.  A regional, domestic manufacturer like Keen Pump can deliver better quality, faster, when you need it. 

Public Consumption: 

Perhaps the most urgent of all of these problems is capacity and people's choice.  People are flushing things that weren’t meant to be flushed  Check out this video for more information

Knowing the hurdles are coming is just part of winning the race.  You’ve got to have a plan to get over those hurdles now, and later.  They’ll keep coming as long as you’re in the race.

Keen Pump is a family-owned American-based pump manufacturing company.  We are on the front lines of new technology and advancement in the wastewater management and pump manufacturing industry, serving corporations, municipalities, and residential communities.

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