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Is your wastewater system outdated and obsolete?

July 31, 2023

Five ways you can tell if it’s time to be proactive and implement change

Today’s residential communities can be like cities and municipalities in themselves.  Many homes and residences use the water, flush the water, and yes, sometimes waste the water.  Once it’s gone, it’s out of sight and out of mind for the resident.  But the problem is just beginning for the wastewater management system.

Many changes have taken place over the years, and yet these changes have not been made with the ease of wastewater management in mind.  Here is a look at some things that have changed that may make even the most current residential wastewater management plan obsolete.

1). In-home health care: Now more than ever, the home is the place where short and long-term medical care is taking place.  Cleaning items and fabrics are being flushed when the system was never intended to handle that.   Products marked “Flush friendly” are easy to flush, but will clog up the pumps when they get there.  Things like diapers, wipes, and disposable footwear are getting into the system, and the system can’t handle it.  Here is a short video demonstrating the issue, and the solution.

2). Energy Efficiency: Newer wastewater pumps are designed to be more energy-efficient, using advanced motor technologies, variable frequency drives (VFDs), and improved hydraulic designs. This results in lower electricity consumption and reduced operational costs compared to older, less efficient pumps.

3). Maintenance efficiency; As mentioned above, if the pumps get clogged, then the pumps won’t work.  But getting someone to work on the system has become expensive, and often impossible to keep up with the demand.  It will be easier for you to update your system with a pump product similar to the “Pulverizer” by Keen Pump than it will be to be successful in hiring and paying enough people to handle the problem after it happens.

4). Remote monitoring and controls:  Many newer pumps can be remotely monitored and controlled through centralized systems or mobile applications. This enables operators to identify issues quickly, perform diagnostics, and make adjustments without being physically present at the pump site.  A custom pump company, like Keen Pump, can design a remote monitoring system that will do what you need it to do, specific to your unique needs.

5). Increased maintenance demand from older technology:  Yet, the larger pump companies aren’t keeping up with the demand with supply.  Finding a pump company based in the USA with products on the shelves makes system maintenance faster and more reliable. 

With all of these changes taking place, and more to come, it makes sense to review your current system and plan for the future.  The best way to stay out of sight out of mind is to stop any problems before they happen. 

Keen Pump is a pump product supplier to distributors, municipalities, and large residential areas.  We are family owned and focused on custom improvements to meet the changing needs of the wastewater industry. For more information about how we can help you, please call us at any time. 

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