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Pump Product or Pump Manufacturer. What lies beneath?

July 06, 2023

What you buy from whom matters.  Here’s the underwater truth

You may know some companies by their product alone.  And that’s not wrong.  When a business does business right, the behind-the-scenes excellence stays behind the scene.

But it pays to take a deeper look inside a company you trust as a partner with your organization or municipality.  Just like in your community, how you do things matter.  Why you do things matters.  And when their product is underwater, like wastewater pumps, it matters more than ever.

It pays to pay attention. If you have a relationship with a pump products provider, or are searching for a new partnership, give some thought to what potential partners do, and why. 

Your wastewater management pump supplier should be:

Committed to “Local”  

Have you ever had a problem in the sewer wastewater facility and needed to get help fast?  Perhaps the pumps were clogged, or needed maintenance or replacement parts.  If you’ve ever had to call some of the overseas operations, you know how frustrating that can be.  If you can, find a supplier who is located here, wants to stay here, and cares about you wherever you are. 

Under consistent ownership. 

Some companies change ownership as they grow, or they outgrow their roots and require additional capital and leverage.  Growth doesn’t have to come at the expense of ownership and consistency.  For instance, at Keen Pump, we are still family-owned, in the Keener family since 1973. 

An innovation leader. 

A strong company can’t rest on its strong laurels.  Especially in the wastewater industry, it matters that your products are new, innovative, state-of-the-art, and designed to solve today's wastewater management issues.  For more about "Innovation in the Pump Industry", check out this article.   

Invested in the future  

Just planning for innovation isn’t enough.  A strong partner will invest in product development.  Consider “The Pulverizer”, the patented new grinder pump that shreds and slurries what gets in the sewers. 

Check out this video to see how "the future is now", especially for companies like Keen Pump. 

At the end of the day, your pump product either works or doesn’t. That is the bottom line.  But for the best long-term partnership and organizational success, it pays to know what your wastewater management pump product supplier is made of. 


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